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Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo Blinds

Add Ambiance and Durability to Your Home with Bamboo Blinds & Shades

Bamboo blinds have made a well-deserved return into the realm of interior decorating. They are commonly used and viewed as a form of art to bring an exotic flare into the home or workplace. Bamboo rollers and shades have also become extremely popular in both personal and professional settings. If you are looking to change things up in your home on Long Island, then bamboo might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Exposure to sunlight and dry air can cause most blinds to warp and bend. In some cases, they can even crack. When you factor in the potential damage to the strings due to this warping and bending, you are going to be replacing your plastic, discount blinds and shades rather frequently.

Bamboo Verse Other Organic Materials

Bamboo is a natural product that is lightweight, pliable and durable. A lot of consumers are embracing the organic movement and look for all natural products, typically with some type of hemp incorporated. In the case of blinds, shades and rollers, this could take on the form of hemp thread, string or rope. Hemp loses roughly 20% of its total strength and durability when it is wet which makes it less than ideal for humid environments. Bamboo, on the other hand, gets roughly 20% stronger, when wet or exposed to high humidity.

Using Bamboo Blinds to Create Ambiance

Not only are bamboo blinds extremely durable, they are also very sleek and appealing to almost everyone. They can be used to create any number of styles. From traditional Japanese themes to modern Asian infusion, bamboo shades and blinds have no limits. Unlike other materials that, no matter how hard you try, still manage to reflect light into the room, bamboo will give you total control. If you are looking to create a light breeze with a hint of moonlight for a romantic setting, bamboo blinds are going to do the job better than anything else.

For professionals who are looking to bring an elegant and sophisticated touch to their office, bamboo is definitely the way to go. They say first impressions are everything and bamboo vertical blinds can help you put your best foot forward. Bamboo not only has a naturally calming appeal to most people, its refined, upscale look reflects success. For more information about Bamboo blinds in the Long Island area content Long Island Window Treatments today.