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Bathroom Blinds

Bathroom Blinds Long Island

A bathroom is functional. We all know this. It’s the most functional room in our house, most likely. In the past, bathrooms were equipped and decorated with only one functionality in mind. And most of the time they were hidden in the back of the house. No more hiding! With the changing of the times and the styles, bathrooms are used as an accent room, just like any other. And it can be the perfect room to reflect individual style. How about unveiling an Elvis bathroom, complete with an Elvis clock whose legs tick and tock and a jukebox by the sink? Or a bathroom bathed in the blues, colors and sounds of the ocean. The ideas are really limitless, so have fun and be creative with this room!

While the ideas are limitless, it’s common knowledge that windows in the bathroom can be tricky. They can be odd shaped, and on the small side. Don’t sweat this small stuff…we have many options that are stylish, modern, and the perfect fit for your bathroom windows on Long Island.

As mentioned earlier, privacy is a big in the bathroom. How about Top Down/Bottom Up Blinds, which allow you to adjust the blinds positions as you see fit. Want to see a little scenery as you shower or take a bath? Cover just the portion you need to, and allow natural light to still come through. Hunter Douglas blinds offer a wide selection, including roman shades, cellular shades, pleated shades, honeycomb shades, or woven wood shades. The Top-Down/Bottom-Up Silhouette shading also offers the added bonus of Tilt /Anywhere, which allows you to tilt the vanes with the shading in any position.

While wood blinds have a warm and elegant feel, perfect for a warm and soapy bath scene, they don’t do well with moisture. Or humidity for that matter. But have the best of the both worlds in your bathroom; check out faux wood blinds, which look like real wood, but won’t be damaged by the moisture in your bathroom. Bonus? They are durable and very easy to clean! Be sure to check out Hunter Douglas’ EveryWood TruGrain, which has realistic rood-grain patterns, but are built to withstand humidity and heat. Also known as: the perfect blind for a bathroom! You can even choose from flat, beveled or popular stains for colors. Another one to research is the EverWood: Distinctions, which features a best-selling color selection of whites and creams.

Another no brainer option is the go-to Aluminum Mini Blinds, which never fade, and always keep their color. They are also, as you might have guessed, water resistant. And don’t immediately visualize white blinds hanging in your white bathroom – the sky is the limit as far as color goes! Try Hunter Douglas Décor aluminum blinds – they are always fashionable. Or try the Lightlines Aluminum blinds, which hide cord holes to block unwanted light. Celebrity blinds are also a very practical choice, and are offered in every color of the rainbow, and then some.

So while the bathroom may be the most functional room in the house, make it one of the most individually styled! Your Long Island bathroom blinds and window coverings are a big part of that.