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Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds

Since the 1700s, Venetian blinds have been recognized as a timeless, aesthetically pleasing, and durable option to compliment windows of all shapes and sizes. These blinds have wide horizontal blades — usually wood or plastic — suspended by strong cords and placed atop each other, forming a seamless shade. If you are considering incorporating venetian blinds into your home’s design concept, here are three reasons why you definitely should go for them:

Low Maintenance – Low maintenance is always a huge perk. Venetian blinds require minimal maintenance; all it takes is a simple swipe from a duster or cloth to clean them. As a result, your home or commercial property will be less prone to dust mites and other lingering bacteria. Additionally, the durability of these blinds means less maintenance overtime as they will last you many years.

Control Heat and Light With Ease – Venetian blinds, also known as a 2 inch macro blind by Hunter Douglas, are excellent regulators of heat and light. It’s easy to adjust the blades in order to allow or block heat and light from entering the room. These blinds offer you the flexibility to decide exactly how much light you would like to allow to pass through the blades, a luxury that other blinds do not offer. This versatility is precisely why many customers choose Venetian blinds for rooms in which they frequently dwell in.

A beautiful option – The practical supremacy of Venetian shades certainly should not overshadow their beauty and allure. Our most popular material for these blinds is wood which offers a gorgeous compliment to virtually any home. Wooden venetian blinds offer a contemporary compliment to traditional homes or can add some gorgeous character to modern dwellings. The product is extraordinarily versatile in terms of style and is sure to be a statement piece in any room.

Still on the fence? Contact us or visit our showroom in Long Island and give our selection of Venetian blinds a better look. An expert from our team will provide you with information on all of our available options. Allow us the honor to help you to decide what will work best in your home or commercial property.

Low Maintenance

Control Heat and Light With Ease

A beautiful option

Timeless & aesthetically pleasing