Long Island Window Treatments was established in 1993 and has been responsible for providing outstanding drapery and blinds ever since. We are a family business, with over 35,000 fabrics in our showroom. We are sure to please every customer! Owner, Joseph Arceri is personally involved with everyone’s job. We will take you step by step in making your home, a designer’s showpiece.


Window Cornices

What was once old, is new again. And the cornice, whose beginning’s date back to ancient Greece, is a perfect example of a trend that has come back in full force. Coming from the Italian word meaning “ledge”, exterior cornices, in early times of its history, were an over-hanging section of the roof that had a simple function; hold down spouts and gutters. But it was its elegance and decorative look that attracted attention. Let us help choose the perfect cornice to frame and style your window. It truly brings a feel of class and elegance to the room (not to mention, can also conceal any drape mechanisms).

Our Custom Cornices come in all shapes and sizes,
and are all made in our in-house work room. Contact Long Island Window Treatments today to learn more about our cornices to complement your shades, shutters or vertical blinds.

Custom Cornices

All shapes and sizes

Made in our in-house work room

Brings a feel of class and elegance

Straight cornice

This straight cornice in a fun print adds life to this office window.