Long Island Window Treatments was established in 1993 and has been responsible for providing outstanding drapery and blinds ever since. We are a family business, with over 35,000 fabrics in our showroom. We are sure to please every customer! Owner, Joseph Arceri is personally involved with everyone’s job. We will take you step by step in making your home, a designer’s showpiece.

What are the Benefits of Window Treatments?

Are they necessary? They are! Different kinds of treatments help enhance the functionality and style of your windows, which contribute to creating a more comfortable living space.

Protection – Whether you choose window shutters, shades, blinds or curtains, they’ll protect you from the heat.

Light control – Another advantage is they help you to regulate the amount of light coming inside. If you desire a dark atmosphere, you can use the treatment and cover your windows completely.

Privacy – Window treatments increase the privacy in your rooms. By closing the curtains or draperies, you can cover the windows completely and stop others from viewing the inside of your home.

Energy saving – Most window treatments are good insulators. When it’s hot outside, the covering on your windows prevents the heat from entering inside. In the same way, during winter, the heat from inside the room doesn’t escape outside, letting you enjoy the warmth inside. Ultimately, they help with energy savings and efficiency.

Aesthetics – One of the main advantages of using the window treatments is to enhance the overall visual appeal of your rooms. You can choose from different types of treatments according to your interior design and where you’re going to use the treatment.