Long Island Window Treatments was established in 1993 and has been responsible for providing outstanding drapery and blinds ever since. We are a family business, with over 35,000 fabrics in our showroom. We are sure to please every customer! Owner, Joseph Arceri is personally involved with everyone’s job. We will take you step by step in making your home, a designer’s showpiece.

How to Buy Window Treatments

The right treatment can enhance or disguise a window. Before choosing window treatments, consider the function, style of room and window, and desired mounts.


Light Control – These types of window treatments allow natural light to brighten up the room, soften the lighting, or, if you need it, completely darken the room.

Noise Control – A window treatment with multiple layers will help to absorb sound and keep the room quiet.

Energy Saving – Heavier window treatments with natural fibers, such as cotton or linen, help keep a cold room warmer. Additionally, the space between the fabric and the window prevents cold or hot air from circulating, which can reduce home heating and cooling costs.

Room Style

Casual – Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with subtle layering. Recommended window treatments for this look: roman shades, woven wood blinds, and drapery panels with tab tops or box-pleated valances.

Formal – Establish an elegant and luxurious look using polished hardware and two to three layers of material. Consider tapestry, brocades, silks, and velvets.

Contemporary – Create a sleek, sophisticated design with clean lines and minimal accessories. Reflective metal hardware and fabrics with solid colors and modern geometric patterns will help you achieve this look.

Traditional – Traditional window treatments follow a three-step design process: a sash, a draw drapery, and an over-drapery. Depending on the window’s size and position, one or two of these dressings will help you achieve a traditional look. Consider

Window Style

Masculine Styling – To create a masculine styling, consider fabrics with subtle patterns, deeply colored solids, and brown, navy, burgundy, dark green, and black hues.

Feminine Styling – Consider treatments with generous amounts of draping, pastel and floral fabrics, silk, lace, tiebacks, and other embellishments to create a feminine styling.

Inside or Outside Mount

Before you make a purchase, you’ll want to decide how you’d like your window treatment to hang: on the inside or outside of the window frame. To measure your windows, you’ll need a pencil, retractable measuring tape, and paper.