Long Island Window Treatments was established in 1993 and has been responsible for providing outstanding drapery and blinds ever since. We are a family business, with over 35,000 fabrics in our showroom. We are sure to please every customer! Owner, Joseph Arceri is personally involved with everyone’s job. We will take you step by step in making your home, a designer’s showpiece.


Perfect Window Treatments for that “hard working room” in your house!

The kitchen has always been a “hard working” room, yet it hasn’t always been the center of the home. In fact, historically the kitchen was the least decorated and was hidden in the back of the house, or on the bottom floor. It was not a room where people wanted to spend time in. (unless you had to) They most certainly weren’t worried about shades or shutters to the kitchen. They were lucky if the kitchens had any windows at all. Most tended to be dark, smelly rooms; thus, they were always located at the back of the house. The upper class enjoyed the food preparation room being as far away as possible from the company. It wasn’t considered a good thing to smell the kitchen!

While the kitchen had many transformations over the years, (in fact, kitchens reflected economic times and changes pretty closely) the period of the 1930’s and 1940’s is where the kitchen slowly unveiled itself as a source of pride. Women (many who worked outside the home during WWII) had a desire for more creative designs and ideas, and that included kitchen equipment and new technology. An interest in home cooking in the 1960’s and 1970’s spawned additional styles in the kitchen, including designer cookware. And by the 1980’s the “trophy kitchens” came into being.

Today, we enjoy our open kitchen plans. No longer hidden at the back of the house, our kitchens are front and center, and on display for all to see. In fact, the kitchen is usually facing or in the middle of the gathering place for entertaining, usually the family room or the dining room. And of course, the most important thing to us, is the windows! Kitchens are now well lit, with either creative lighting or numerous windows. Try the Hunter Douglas Pirouette Window shadings over your sink, (it can help tone down the harsh sunlight in your kitchen) or perhaps some faux wood blinds to match your kitchen area’s colors. If you want a classy, vintage look, how about putting up plantation shutters in your kitchen; they offer great privacy, not to mention great “charm” feeling to your kitchen. You can even go for something different, such as Hunter Douglas woven wood or honeycomb shades; both can add warmth and originality to your kitchen’s windows. For the modern looking kitchen, we love the honeycomb shades, top down, bottom up style, or the Hunter Douglas woven wood blinds in the color of your choice.

What better way to frame your most-used room in the house, than with perfect window shades or shutters for the kitchen! Our experts can walk you through the choices, and together can choose the right window covering for your kitchen! We’ll take a look at your decorating style; perhaps wood shutters would be perfect, or maybe a unique roman shade would fit best. To really WOW the kitchens of the past, how about the Power View Motorization wireless operating system? It would give you the power to schedule your window treatment “adjusting” in your kitchen… from your phone!

Kitchens of the past years – rejoice! We’ve come a LONG way!