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Arched Window Shades

Arched Window Treatments

Arched windows are some of the most graceful and unique window shapes, adding classic design and architectural interest to your home. They open up the space and combine state-of-the-art window design with a clean, classic style. Advanced engineering and high quality construction make these windows durable, versatile, and easy to use.

Types of Arched Window

There are many different types of arched windows available today. Some open, some are fixed shut and others are actually a set of several windows put up in a specific pattern.

Fixed Arched Windows

Many arched windows on the market are fixed. These are the ones used in churches and for aesthetics more than anything else. They let in a great deal of light, but don’t help with ventilation or escape during a fire. If you add these to your home you have to mix in some windows that open as well. Fixed arched windows require little maintenance and they can be weather proofed well.

Opening Arched Windows

Arched windows can be purchased with double hung construction or as casement windows. Either of these options will offer you the airflow that you need, though the casement windows often offer the most unobstructed view and the largest opening to climb in and out of.

Multi-Window Arch

Many arched windows are actually made from several different panes all aligned into an arched configuration. These are commonly made from several rectangular windows with a semicircle window up above to create the arched look. While they aren’t truly arched windows, they offer the same architectural look and are an option instead of a large arched window.

Half Moon Window Treatments

There are several options for arched window treatments. There are half moon, or semi circle window shades and blinds available in a variety of colors, textures, and styles.

Arched windows also look beautiful when accompanied by curtains. You could either have a straight, linear rod or one that follows the curve of the windows. Another option would be to only cover one portion of the window with curtains, to maintain privacy while also highlighting the elegant design and shape of your arched windows.

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