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Luminette Shades

Luminette Shades

Looking to add a sense of elegance and luxury to your home?  Luminette privacy sheers are a beautiful window drapery alternative.  Unlike traditional draperies that offer a cozy feel, luminette shades are airy.  The sophisticated design offers privacy, while still keeping the room light.

The sheer nature of luminette shades offers privacy to the room, while still allowing plenty of natural light to enter.  It is perfect for open rooms, or for homeowners that are looking to make a small room feel a little bit bigger.  Since the shades allow more light to enter, smaller studies will feel larger.

Don’t be intimidated by the amount of light these shades let in.  Luminette privacy sheers allow you to control the amount of light that enters the room.  The sheer face of the fabric can be rotated to let light in, or to keep light out. Depending on your needs throughout the day, you can enjoy sunlight or privacy in a soft lit room.

Interested in adding luminette privacy sheers to your space?  We can create a custom design for any window size.  Whether you’re looking to cover a floor to ceiling length window, or a smaller kitchen window, these shades can be altered to fit your unique home needs.  Call 516-364-0405 to contact Long Island Window Treatments directly to learn more about this and other luxurious window treatment options.