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Faux Wood Shutters

Faux Wood Shutters & Blinds

Wood blinds are beautiful enough for your home study and practical enough for your kitchen. However, not every homeowner is ready for the upkeep that wooden blinds require. That’s why faux wood blinds are a popular option for those that are looking to add natural warm and beauty to their home windows. Faux wood blinds have a rich, lustrous look without the maintenance.

What are the benefits of choosing faux wood blinds?

They don’t fade. Unlike wooden blinds, faux wood will not fade when exposed to ultraviolet rays of direct sunlight. Your beautiful blinds will maintain their natural quality for many years to come.

They are sturdy. Faux wood won’t warp and crack over time. Unlike natural wood, this material will maintain its shape and structure over time.

They are Cost-Effective. Since faux wood blinds are long lasting, they are a worthwhile home investment. You won’t need to replace your blinds for many, many years. They can help you save money in the long run.

They are Beautiful Year-Round. Faux wood blinds are not affected by temperature and humidity changes. Whether it’s a dry winter night or a humid summer afternoon, your blinds will still look beautiful.

Ready to add faux wood blinds to your space? Call 516-364-0405 to contact our office. Our window experts can help you pick the right style, texture, color and size for your home windows. We create custom window treatments that are designed for your family’s individual needs.

They don’t fade.

They are sturdy.

They are Cost-Effective.

They are Beautiful Year-Round.