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Ways to Brighten Up Your Space This Labor Day

Your furniture, décor, and window treatments contribute to the ambiance of your home. When you have gaudy furniture, heavy curtains, and dark walls, your room may feel too crowded and dark. But you don’t have to feel trapped in your space. These simple tips will help you brighten up any room in no time!

Light or White Walls

The easiest way to make your home look brighter and more open is to paint the walls white or a light color, like cream. Light and white walls also help other colors in the room pop. You can place a gray chair with a pink throw pillow against a white wall to create a comfortable, balanced space.

Add a Mirror

Reflective surfaces allow light to bounce off of them. Adding mirrors will double the amount of light in your room. Hang a large mirror from across the largest window in your room or place a mirror or two in a dark room. Mirrors are sure to make your room feel brighter and bigger.


Too much “stuff” crowds a room and makes it feel dark and small. Getting rid of trinkets and gaudy décor can help you brighten up your space in a jiffy. You may also consider using decorative boxes to stash remotes, magazines, stationery, etc. This will make the room look more sophisticated and organized.


One of the simplest ways to brighten your space is to change your light bulbs. Light bulbs with higher lumens boost the intensity of light in your room. Consider LED and CFL bulbs for energy efficient options. Carefully place your light fixtures throughout your space. Place lamps and light fixtures, so they reflect onto other surfaces like the walls and ceilings. This will make the room feel much more open and airy.

Add a White Rug

White rugs are highly impactful, especially when contrasted with darker floors. Your space will immediately brighten up when you add a white rug. You can also add small white accessories or drape a white throw blanket over the back of a chair or the couch, to better balance the white in the room. Too much white can be blinding though, so choose carefully!

Simplify Your Window Treatments

Keep window treatments neutral: white or tans, shutters, and sheer curtains can help bring in plenty of light. Tall, dramatic windows only need a frame. Less is more. To maintain a light and airy feel in your room, consider shutters. Shutters are best for allowing the natural light to pour in. And who doesn’t love natural light?

Choose Accessories Wisely

To enhance the brightness in your room, stay away from too many heavy, dark accessories. Mix neutrals and darks with brighter colors or pastels. Adding just a few brighter accessories such as silver and blush pink pillows, sheer curtains, light-colored lampshades, and cream chairs will significantly lighten up a room.

Add Natural Elements

Ditch the larger potted plants that weigh down the room. Instead, consider getting low-maintenance plants like succulents or cacti. These plants are perfect for brightening up a room because they don’t take up much space and add that little bit of nature you need.

Add Glass Accessories

Glass décor, like vases or glass-topped tables, will add additional brightness to any room. The light reflects off of the glass, making the room much brighter. Having a glass door will help bring in natural light and make your space feel more open and bright.